Woman Disowned By Family After Failing To Buy Smith’s For Cookout

One Erie woman is out on the street tonight after not buying Smith’s hot dogs for her family’s cookout Thursday evening. The incident escalated quickly after her loved ones took their first bites of dinner, only to find an impostor between their buns. “It’s not something you think about anymore.” her starving husband lamented. “You just take it for granted. You buy Smith’s. That’s it. I never thought something like this could happen to my family.” After consoling his children though the ordeal the decision was made that mom had to go. “They were just on sale. That’s all.” The mother went on, “This coupon may have saved me .59 cents, but it cost me my family.” Situations like this are becoming more common and are now the leading cause of divorce in Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties. This is the second marriage for the father of two. His first marriage ended after his wife brought home Hunt’s Ketchup instead of Heinz.


  1. Kel says

    This is dumb.. Smith’s are good, but not worth losing family over.

    The father could have easily gone to the store and picked up the right hotdogs.

  2. Sherri says

    Total grounds. She’ll probably only get supervised visits with the kids.who knows what she would do, buy store brand mac and cheese?

  3. Buzzy says

    Lucky I wasn’t married to this woman this is unforgivable action divoce is the only alternative.lol

  4. Loreta says

    Woman or Man the grocery shopper has to buy Smith and Heinz. She should have known better!!! Love the site

  5. Sarah says

    I’m sure I’m not the first to note that you are the SECOND fake news organization – the first is, of course, the Erie Times News!

  6. Tom N Florida says

    Check out how much it costs to have Smiths send a few dozen down here to Florida. Still worth it!

  7. jon whaley says

    LOVE me some mockerie.com, great job.
    i am usually too lazy to try to find new onion articles so this site has come in really handy. closer to home and easier to find on netscape 3 browser.

  8. ruth says

    wonder if the divorce went up this week – ball park hot dogs were on sale for .49 cents — this is Erie It’s Smith’s or nothing.

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