Westboro Baptist Church Protests Girard Roundabout

[fbshare url=”http://themockerie.com/index.php/2015/07/21/westboro-baptist-church-protests-girard-roundabout/” type=”button” width=”100″] Leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church descended in to Erie Monday afternoon to line the intersection of Route Five and Millfair Road in Girard with protesters in response to Penndot’s proposed roundabout at the location. “God Hates Roundabouts” and “Roundabouts In Hell” signs were the common sight during the protest, but the public reaction was what Church leaders did not expect. “Usually we are run out of town, spit on, yelled at, you name it.” One of the protesters said, “But in this case we ran out of signs to pass out and actually had to turn people away. People really hate this roundabout idea.” The Church says that since roundabouts can be viewed as a “6” from a certain angle, putting three of them within one county would constitute the mark of the beast. “You have a roundabout and a strip club within one mile of each other out in Waterford. It’s basically the Sodom and Gomorrah of Erie County.” While the end reasoning may be the same, that’s not why one Girard resident attended the protest. “I’m not even really sure what a roundabout is.” One local remarked. “I just know that it’s different than what’s here now, so I’m against it.” Penndot did not respond to the protest and it remains to be seen if their satanistic plan for the county will continue.


  1. Patti says

    Actually, Millfair Road is the separating line between Millcreek and Fairview. I grew up in that area.

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