We Love Erie Days Shows Up At Celebrate Erie; Gets Arrested

Former summer festival We Love Erie Days showed up at the kickoff to this year’s Celebrate Erie only to be arrested for public drunkenness. The trouble started when the 90s era celebration began stopping people on the street, telling them how much better he was. “I was just trying to enjoy the Chalk Walk with my son.” one annoyed woman said. “He was slurring his words and talking about the 80s and 90s. It was sad really. The glory days, he called them.” Erie police initially gave ‘Days’ a warning, but eventually had to take him in as things escalated. “We tried to cut him a break.” Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers said “He was such a big part of the summer for so many years, but once he started urinating on one of the unfinished chalk drawings we had to take him in.” This is the first year that the former festival has tried to show up at the current one, and it certainly will be the last. ‘Days’ is banned from ever returning and is already out of jail after his longtime partner First Night Erie put up the money for bail.


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