Waterford Council Deems Proposed Traffic Light ‘Sorcery’

Plans to put in some type of traffic control at the intersection of Routes 19 and 97 have been put on hold as Waterford Council pauses to understand the technology behind it. The proposed traffic signal would help regulate thousands of cars per day, but Council is hesitant to make any drastic changes. “We already have a traffic light in town and another one would just bring up too many questions,” one council representative asked. “First of all, who’s going to pay the little person that works inside the signal and changes the light?” A brief explanation of how traffic lights actually work spurred an emergency council meeting Wednesday night. The group voted unanimously to declare traffic lights ‘sorcery’ and banish them from the township. “It’s alarming that we’ve had such an unexplained technology controlling out traffic for so long,” another councilperson said. “No wonder cars got so backed up in the middle of town.” Council made plans to tear down the existing traffic light within the week. The signal will be replaced by a roundabout.

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