Vatican: Facebook Prayers Not Recognized By Church

The time spent on social media memes, status updates, and comments all seem to be for not if you were hoping to send prayers someone’s way. The Vatican announced on Thursday that they will not recognize digital calls to the divine and all requests must be made in person with folded hands. “After much deliberation we found out some people were just passively typing ‘prayers’ in comment boxes and not following up with the request later,” a statement from the Vatican read. “It’s our belief that any prayers that are to be taken seriously must come in a formal verbal request, kneeling by one’s bedside.” The move comes after complaints by followers that people were still getting sick after liking and sharing photos. “I don’t understand,” one woman said. “I shared a post called ‘Share If You Love Your Family And Want Them To Stay Healthy’ and the next day my husband gets the flu. I called tech support, but they weren’t any help.” The statement from the Vatican went on to say that they are looking in to the possibility of accepting prayers from digital sources in the future, but right now the technology simply isn’t there. In a positive step towards that, however, the Pope will be live tweeting his first Mass at midnight on Christmas Eve.

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