UPMC Hamot Turns Away Stray Deer Over Lack Of Insurance

A stray deer is making Erie headlines Thursday morning after being refused treatment by UPMC Hamot Wednesday night. The dispute started after the doe limped in the front door of the hospital shortly before 8pm Wednesday. Despite the clear need for treatment, the doe could not provide proof of insurance and things began to escalate. “Yes, we can confirm that a Jane Doe did enter the facility on Wednesday night,” a PR representative for the facility said. “We were not able to attain a positive ID on the patient other than she was a doe, a deer, a female deer. She also could not prove that she carried insurance, so she was asked to leave.” Upon receiving the news, the deer became irate and began leaping around the lobby, which led to authorities being notified. “We were forced to use a mild tranquilizer to neutralize the situation,” the Hamot head of security said. “She appeared to have been in some kind of hunting accident, but I’m not really a doctor.” The deer was returned to the wild and is expected to face a penalty for lack of coverage under Obamacare.

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