Trump Blasts Punxsutawney Phil In Campaign Speech

Donald Trump came out of his second place Iowa finish swinging on Tuesday, setting his crosshairs on everyone’s favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. The candidate labeled the amateur forecaster “one of the problems with America today” and didn’t stop there. “We have this groundhog, okay,” Trump said in his speech. “He’s a loser. He works one day a year. The taxpayers pay for this big event up there in Pennsylvania. It’s huge. All for something that is about as credible as one of Megan Kelly’s news reports.” The clear frustration comes after Trump finished in second place to Ted Cruz in Monday’s Iowa caucus, and closer to Marco Rubio than many pundits expected. Trump continued, saying that these types of distractions are taking away from the importance of his campaign. “There are real issues to worry about here folks,” he said. “If you’re so worried about a hog seeing it’s shadow, if Hillary sees hers in the White House it means four more years of immigrants.” The comments were met with uproarious applause from the Trump supporters at the event, but the biggest applause of the day came when fireworks exploding into the Confederate flag capped off the rally.

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