Tim Kaine Event in Erie Sells Out All Twenty Seats

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine visited Erie Tuesday and had the crowd of nearly two dozen on their feet throughout his speech. Mockerie staff was not able to get access to the event, but caught up with some folks who were also not able to get in. “The fact that there were only twenty seats is a disgrace,” one of the men outside told us. “Only twenty seats. What about the other three of us that wanted to get in? It’s not right.” The crowd paled in comparison to Donald Trump’s Erie visit that drew around 8,000 to the Erie Insurance Arena. Kaine touched on several points that were on the minds of the Democratic crowd. Higher minimum wage, better healthcare, and tax cuts were some of the main highlights. Shortly after the event it was actually discovered that Kaine had simply re-read an old Joe Biden speech full of failed Democratic promises made during the 2012 campaign, but no one seemed to notice. From here Kaine will go on to speak to a group of people waiting in line at the grocery store.

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