Teachers With Low PSSA Scores To Be Whipped In Public

A new initiative passed by the PA Department of Education will begin to go into effect as early as October as PSSA scores begin to come in. Teachers who show a lower than average score based on each individual district’s goal will be whipped by administrators in a public meeting held on the second Wednesday of each month. “We need to make these teachers accountable for the unobtainable standards we’re putting on them,” one PA lawmaker said. “The system is broken. We’re making a jump to these higher standards and not giving the schools any more resources to achieve them. It’s clearly on the teachers.” The move comes as a surprise to many as corporal punishment has been eliminated for the school system for years. “This just shows how serious the State is about these tests,” said an Erie area Superintendent, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “We can’t lay a finger on students or really punish them anymore, so the blame has to go somewhere.” Tickets the meetings will be free at the door, but attendees must pass a ten question Common Core math quiz, first.

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