McDonald’s Breakfast To Operate Under 2 Hour Delay Tuesday

The snow totals in Erie have delayed more than just schools Tuesday morning. The full breakfast menu will not be available at local McDonald’s until at least 8:00am within the City. Restaurants farther out in the County may close altogether. “We have to think about the safety of our customers,” the spokesman for the regional […]

90 Year Old Shovels Driveway As Millenial Neighbors Watch In Confusion

One local Erie man is digging out this morning after heavy snow over the course of Tuesday piled up in his driveway. The 90 year old man’s actions are drawing questions from his Millenial neighbors who watched the man shovel for hours after being forced to call in sick to work because their plow service […]

Erie Residents Prepare For Hibernation After Busy Labor Day Weekend

Another season is in the books for Erie. Summer in the region has officially come to a close and despite the warm weather, residents are already making plans to hibernate. Labor Day serves as the traditional ‘last hurrah’ of the season and getting ready for the cold started Tuesday. “We are stocking up on water, […]