Pennsylvania Offers Staples Coupons To School Districts To Ease Budget Woes

Pennsylvania school districts can breathe easier today knowing that their next bill at Staples will be considerably lower. After declining a loan to the Erie School District Tuesday, the state has counter offered with several 40% off coupons at the retailer to help keep costs down. “We sympathize with these districts,” one House Representative said. […]

Fund Our Schools Rally Generates Thousands In Parking Fines

The ‘Fund Our Schools’ rally at Veterans Stadium yesterday, successfully raised several thousand dollars Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was all generated in parking fines and will not make its way back to help the Erie School District. “These events are some of our biggest income sources,” said one Parking Authority employee on hand to write […]

Erie School District To Shut Down For Lesson On Economics

The Erie School District announced considering a possible shut down on Wednesday as a way to teach district students the responsibility of adhering to a strict budget. School District Superintendent Jay Badams said students who will be forced to stay home should use this as a “learning moment”. “If you run your personal expenses like […]

Erie Teachers Welcome Back Students After Spending Weekend In Denial

Teachers around the area are stretching their legs this morning after spending all weekend in the fetal position pretending Monday would never come. “I just thought it would last forever,” one elementary teacher told us. “You leave in June and feel like you’re free forever. I trick myself every year, but usually wean myself off […]