Perry Square Deemed ‘Good Enough’ For Celebrate Erie Opening

Hay is apparently no longer just for horses as Perry Square West is set to open for Celebrate Erie crowds this weekend. Erie officials had hoped to show off the newly renovated project in time for the event, but delays in construction have made that impossible. “We have all the hay down where the grass […]

Erie Man Stuck In Car From Celebrate Erie Street Closings

One Erie man is hoping to survive the week after being stranded in his car Wednesday morning due to road closings for Celebrate Erie. The motorist was traveling West on 4th street when the closures went up between Peach and French. “I was coming home from work.” The driver said. “I came across French just fine, […]

Celebrate Erie Adds ‘People Watching’ To Official List Of Events

Celebrate Erie just got a little more exciting, officially including people watching on their weekly schedule of events. The activity list, released Monday, reads that the peak time for people watching will be nightly from 7pm to 9pm between 7th and 8th Street. “We know this is what a lot of people come here for […]

Celebrate Erie Headliner Replaced With Tiny Tim Hologram

Erie will be tip-toeing though the tulips this weekend as one of the major attractions for Celebrate Erie goes through a surprise upheaval.  Saturday’s headliner, Kool and The Gang, terminated their contract with the City of Erie Sunday night, citing negative feedback from the public. Event coordinators however have already found a replacement. “I had […]

Erie Business Owner Not Buying In To All That ‘Internet Hooplah’

One local businessman is taking a bold stand today against the near necessity of marketing his business online. “It’s just too many w’s to keep track of first of all.” Entrepreneur, Ned Tasker ranted. “Everyone says I need a Linkbook and a Faced-In. It’s all a bunch of over-rated hoopla to me.” The video rental […]

5th and State McDonald’s Voted Erie’s Best Burger

The results are in, and one burger patty in Erie has been voted superior to the others. The McDonald’s at 5th and State in Erie’s downtown took home the prestigious award after votes were tallied Thursday night. “It’s a real honor for us.” said restaurant manager Harold James. “It comes down to our staff. You […]

Frontier Park Fills With Erieites Pretending To Know About Blues & Jazz

One of Erie’s most popular events is going on this weekend and festival goers are excited to make vague, generalized comments about the music being played on stage. “The horns, I think, really set this group’s sound apart.” One woman said. “I like the piano part of it too. It’s just really soothing.” When asked […]