Facebook ‘Friends Day’ Videos Cause Erie Man Hundreds In Cellular Data Charges

One Erie man is digging deep in his pockets today after being forced to stream several of Facebook’s ‘Friends Day’ videos that filled timelines on Thursday. The man says that he’s now being charged hundreds after being forced to stream content that just left him annoyed in the first place. “My cell phone bill aside, […]

Vatican: Facebook Prayers Not Recognized By Church

The time spent on social media memes, status updates, and comments all seem to be for not if you were hoping to send prayers someone’s way. The Vatican announced on Thursday that they will not recognize digital calls to the divine and all requests must be made in person with folded hands. “After much deliberation […]

Erie Man Eager To Share His Unfounded Opinion On Incoming Refugees

One Erie man is chomping at the bit to log on to Facebook tonight after reading the first paragraph of an article about Syrian refugees. He tells us that he’s looking for the perfect picture to add an out of context caption on, and share it to the social network. “That article (paragraph) really fired […]