Surprise Trump Campaign Stop In Erie Cancelled Due To High Winds

The current leader in the GOP race for presidential nominee was forced to change his plans to make a surprise stop in Erie on Wednesday. Donald Trump was expecting to make an impromptu campaign stop at the Millcreek Mall Wednesday, however high winds were deemed too much of threat to blow his hairpiece away. “It was gonna be huge,” Trump told our reporters in a phone call. “We were going to have fireworks that spelled Trump shot off, girls in bikinis holding Trump signs, and other classy, classy surprises.” The current hairpiece Trump wears is only rated for 25mph sustained winds with occasional 40mph bursts. With Erie’s weather far surpassing those limits Wednesday, the stop had to be cancelled. “I really regret not being able to meet the voters in Erie,” he said. “It looks like they could have used a boost that only I can give. Driving through it reminded me of District 12 from The Hunger Games. Places like Erie is why America needs me.” Despite those insensitive comments Trump remains the frontrunner in the race for the nomination. Trump holds the lead despite those voters embarrassed to admit their support to their friends or family.

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