Strays Contract Surpasses Erie Violence as #1 Voter Issue, Poll Shows

It’s quickly becoming Erie’s ‘Deflategate’. Concern over the Erie strays contract is now ranked #1 in the minds of Erie voters, overriding escalating violence in the city. “We have no words,” said a spokesman for the company who conducted the poll. “In my 25 years of conducting these questionnaires for municipalities, I’ve never seen something so trivial overtake an issue on public safety. I mean, wow.” The debate over which shelter would handle the strays entered the news again Wednesday as City Council plans its next step, questioning the Mayor’s decision to award the contract to the Humane Society. “I try to save those poor kitties myself if I can,” one elderly woman told us. “Unless it’s dark. I’m afraid to go outside after watching the news, but these animals need to be addressed first. That’s the most important thing.” Debate has shifted to the contract over the past few months, prompting the trending Twitter topic #puppylivesmatter. The poll also showed that aside from these two issues, ‘Who has the best wing special?’ ’Will the Otters stay in town?’, and ‘When are we getting a Dave and Busters?’ round out the top five most pressing issues for city voters.

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