Site Of Future Erie Gas Station Robbed

A gas station still under construction faced its first setback early Wednesday morning. Police are investigating the robbery of the construction site where Erie’s newest gas station is expected to open on West 26th street next month. The thief apparently couldn’t wait for it to open and wanted to make sure he was the first criminal to hit the place. “You just can’t catch anyone by surprise anymore,” the alleged thief said. “You can’t even make a decent living in this town robbing gas stations anymore. You have to get to them early, or else someone else will get that $45 dollars from the register.” There are no registers on site yet, however. This thief only made off with a few dollars worth of basic construction equipment. He says it was more about sending a message. “I waited 3 days when the last one opened and look what happened,” he said. “No one’s going to get the jump on me this time.” The site of the robbery will now put up a flimsy orange plastic mesh to keep out further intruders. The thief wouldn’t give the exact location of his next move, but did say he had his eye on a piece of undeveloped commercial property that could be worth holding up someday.

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