Sinnott’s Firey Comments Spark Twitter War With Taylor Swift

Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott’s scathing criticism of an Erie Times News article about his stance on the recent violence has drawn some criticism itself, but none more surprising than from pop superstar Taylor Swift. “@Urgonnahearmeroar Ever hear of free speech? I’ll make sure I fill you in during my VMA speech #badblood” The mayor took no time at all to respond and again held nothing back. “@taylorswift13 I don’t make it habit of responding to Grammy award winning artists (Just look at the Celebrate Erie headliners) but you have no business criticizing me or Erie. Enjoy ur lifetime ban. ;p #ohsnap” The Twittersphere has been quiet since the war of words went down Sunday night. Mockerie staff will stay on the story as it develops, however the E! network and Entertainment Tonight are expected to pick up the story nationally.

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