Sinnott Forced To Leave Comfort Of Office To Play Pokemon GO

Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott was spotted outside of City Hall for the first time in months on Monday. The mayor appeared to be glued to his phone and on important city business, but the explanation is much more simple. “There was a Charmander in the fountain in Perry Square,” Sinnott said. “I’ll be damned if I was going to let Dahlkemper get it first.” The mayor wound up spending most of the day wandering around several neighborhoods he admits never having visited before. Things began to take a turn for the worst after his phone died, however. “I looked up and I had no idea where I was,” he said. “I had no idea Erie had so many blighted properties. Whoever is in charge really dropped the Pokeball on that one.” Sinnott eventually found his way back downtown by following a group of panhandlers to State Street. Although Erie residents were disappointed to learn that Sinnott only left his office to have his face buried in his phone, many still say it’s a marked improvement from having his head buried in the sand.

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