“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” asks Culture Club Owner

The owner of Erie’s now shut down Culture Club is speaking out tonight. After having his club abruptly closed Tuesday, the facility’s owner, Boy George, has a question for Erie Police. “Do you really want to hurt me?,” he asked. “Do you really want to make me cry?” George added that he believes he ran a respectful business and if you don’t believe him you can ask any of his employees. “I always let my employees know that I have their backs,” he said. “I tell them time and again, I’ll tumble for ya.” This investigation seems to be a repeatable color by numbers for police, as this has been this site of many troublesome clubs in the past. Authorities are hoping for better luck as the building owner already has a new tenant lined up. A Buddhist pet shop specializing in lizards, Karma Chameleon, is set to open sometime next month.

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