Rainbow Gardens Forced To Change Name For One Day To Host Cruz Campaign Stop

For one day, at least, Erie’s Rainbow Gardens will be known as Freedom Gardens at the request of the Ted Cruz campaign. The presidential candidate is planning on making a stop at the Waldameer facility on Wednesday but said the name didn’t exactly reflect his campaign’s values. “It sounded a little too…you know what,” a campaign spokesman whispered as he looked over both shoulders. “Freedom Gardens sounds more presidential, more prestigious, and definitely not nearly as liberal.” It’s not an ask that the campaign took lightly, either. Cruz attempted to find other venues to avoid any potential backlash, but was unable to do so on such short notice. “We wanted a place where just a hundred or two people would make it look full,” the spokesman said. “But all the school gyms were booked with Cub Scout meetings and no one would cancel. Scout masters can be very tough negotiators.” The Cruz stop is only expected to last about a half hour, as recent polls show most supporters can only stomach looking at the candidate for a short period of time. That number drops to fifteen minutes for non-supporters. In an odd bit of trivia, this stop will not be Ted Cruz’s first connection to Waldameer Park. The audio used to warn riders of misbehaving in line for the Wacky Shack is actually audio taken from one of Cruz’s first campaign speeches.

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