Pumpkin Spice Hits Erie Shelves Early; Hipsters Rejoice

Pumpkin spice all of the things! Erie retail shelves are already full of the fall spice, despite temperatures in the 90’s and the ‘in’ crowd couldn’t be happier. “I’ve been buying pumpkin spice products before it really got big.” one Erie man stated from behind his unkempt beard. “We in the pumpkin spice community love the exposure the flavor is getting and that is hitting shelves earlier and earlier. We just hate that other people like it too.” One of the biggest trends over the past few years has been pumpkin spice beer, the most surprising being a line of feminine hygiene products. Labeling any product with the seasoning is now a gold mine for retailers. “I could put a pumpkin spice sticker on a TV and someone would buy it.” one local Wal-Mart manager said. “It’s a borderline epidemic.” The biggest problem local stores say they are having with the success is finding room on the shelves for the products with Christmas decorations due out next week.

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