Public Service Announcement: Snow Makes Roads Slippery

As the first expected large snowfall moves towards Erie, one thing remains certain. Local drivers will forget how to drive with slick roads, despite doing it every year. We, at The Mockerie, would like to walk everyone though keeping your car on the road this weekend. “It’s a problem that we see every year,” a local tow truck driver said. “I kind of want to yell at people for being so senseless, but then I remember it’s how I make a living and I just smile.” Through exhaustive research and multiple interviews of experts we have narrowed it down to five easy steps on how to avoid getting into an accident while adjusting to driving in the first snowfall.

1. Don’t drive as fast as in the summer.
2. Don’t approach stop signs going 30mph and expect to stop.
3. If you have to ask yourself, “Is it safe for me to go faster in these conditions?” It isn’t. Don’t.
4. If you drive into a whiteout and can’t see, turn your music down. It helps for some reason.
5. Ice doesn’t care that you have four-wheel drive.

We know. Those might have been confusing to some of you. If you didn’t understand any of those steps, don’t worry. It’s OK. Just do us all a favor and stay off the roads this weekend.

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