Plow Crews Working Overtime To Fill Erie Driveways With Snow

The Erie Streets Department was still out in full force Thursday making sure to accomplish their main goal after a winter storm; to fill every Erie driveway with huge chunks of snow and ice. Many city residents complain about the condition of Erie streets after a storm and at least one plow driver wants to set the record straight. “People think our main job is to actually clear the streets,” one of the drivers told us. “Our main purpose is to look for neighborhoods with freshly plowed or shoveled driveways, and immediately fill them back up. We get paid per driveway.” The procedure may seem harsh, but is actually one of the governmental changes made under the Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” campaign to fight obesity. A recent study showed that one of the biggest motivators to get people off the couch was filling their newly shoveled driveway back up with snow. “Most of our snow removal funding comes from that program now,” the driver said. “If it wasn’t for the program our infrastructure would pretty much be shovels duct taped to dogsleds.” Similar funding will hit in the Spring to allow the Streets Department to stop filling potholes with black Legos and Elmer’s glue.

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