Perry Square Deemed ‘Good Enough’ For Celebrate Erie Opening

Hay is apparently no longer just for horses as Perry Square West is set to open for Celebrate Erie crowds this weekend. Erie officials had hoped to show off the newly renovated project in time for the event, but delays in construction have made that impossible. “We have all the hay down where the grass used to be. That part is fine and it looks great.” Said the project manager. “The stage is incomplete and will be fenced off, but it’s cool. It looks pretty good, well good enough for now. I guess.” Erieites and business owners alike are especially excited to get a feel for the new turf. “I’ve always wanted to eat my dinner over a bed of hay.” One man stated. “I’m excited. We’ll have electricity running to the tent and doing a lot of cooking. I don’t see why the hay would be a problem. What could go wrong?” One restaurant owner shared. This year’s Taste of Erie is expected to be the best yet. If all goes well the grass in Perry Square East will be replaced with hay by this time next year.


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