Pennsylvania Offers Staples Coupons To School Districts To Ease Budget Woes

Pennsylvania school districts can breathe easier today knowing that their next bill at Staples will be considerably lower. After declining a loan to the Erie School District Tuesday, the state has counter offered with several 40% off coupons at the retailer to help keep costs down. “We sympathize with these districts,” one House Representative said. “Which is why we came up with the coupon idea. A loan was just out of the question. It’s like that book ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’. If you give a school district a loan, they’re going to want to pay their teachers a competitive wage. Where does it end?” Legislators have been unable to find a way to resolve the budget standstill since Summer and several state agencies are struggling to stay afloat. The Congressman stresses that it isn’t something he takes lightly. “I’ve lost sleep over it, personally,” he said. “I’ve tried to sleep in all five of my spare bedrooms and no matter which lullaby my servant sings me, the whole thing keeps me up.” The coupons will be distributed to districts based on the number of students. Erie is expected to save enough in office supplies to pay one teacher in each grade level though January.

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