PennDOT Zamboni Causes Several Accidents on 12th & Bayfront Bridge

PennDOT’s latest attempt at road maintenance may be short lived after their use of a Zamboni backfired Thursday evening. The department’s latest purchase just finished it’s first sweep of the Bayfront Connector bridge at 12th Street when an earlier than expected traffic rush led to a large number of minor accidents. “It was like driving on a skating rink,” one of the drivers involved said. “And now I come to find out it was exactly like driving on a skating rink.” The new approach at de-icing roads requires a two-step approach, the first of which is to run a Zamboni over the road. The second is to lay a special treatment on the smooth surface, which never happened after the number of accidents started to mount. “Yeah, we’ll probably just go back to salting the roads and chalk this one up to a lesson learned,” a PennDOT spokesman said. “We had some extra room in the budget and thought we’d give it a try. If anything it shows how much safer a roundabout would make the intersection by slowing down traffic.” The failure of this latest program is now expected to delay the departments rollout of their plan to outline large potholes with spike strips to help drivers avoid them.

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