Strays Contract Surpasses Erie Violence as #1 Voter Issue, Poll Shows

It’s quickly becoming Erie’s ‘Deflategate’. Concern over the Erie strays contract is now ranked #1 in the minds of Erie voters, overriding escalating violence in the city. “We have no words,” said a spokesman for the company who conducted the poll. “In my 25 years of conducting these questionnaires for municipalities, I’ve never seen something […]

Erie Residents Prepare For Hibernation After Busy Labor Day Weekend

Another season is in the books for Erie. Summer in the region has officially come to a close and despite the warm weather, residents are already making plans to hibernate. Labor Day serves as the traditional ‘last hurrah’ of the season and getting ready for the cold started Tuesday. “We are stocking up on water, […]

Construction Crews Lose Blueprints For 12th Street / I-79 Overpass

The off ramps may be open, but one whistleblower is telling a different story about the ongoing construction on Erie’s west side. “It’s all a distraction,” one ex-PennDOT employee told us. “The ramps and the project all were supposed to be done months ago. We lost the blueprints and they opened the ramps because people […]

Dad Who Peaked In High School Excited For Start Of District 10 Football

The kickoff to football season is just hours away, but on Friday morning one man, sitting in his old letterman jacket, could wait no longer. Bill Drennen staked out his spot since three this morning and is amped to see this year’s, Iroquois vs. Harborcreek, Battle of the Bridge. “Highlight of my year, every year,” […]

Raised Manhole Covers Strategically Placed In Erie Streets

New, raised manhole covers are popping up all over Erie streets, but have a different purpose than you think. These axle bending bumps are no longer leftovers from halfway completed paving jobs. The city is putting them there to remind you to pay attention. “Studies have shown that streets with these types of cover lead […]

City Council To Delay Vote On All Day McDonald’s Breakfast In Erie

It may take a little longer to satisfy that afternoon Egg McMuffin craving in Erie. City Council is investigating whether or not to allow the move within Erie limits, but will not vote on the issue at Wednesday’s meeting. “We just don’t know enough about it right now,” Council member Bob Merski said. “We have […]

Chautauqua Amphitheater Set To Be Replaced By New Chipotle

It’s out with the old and in with the new as demolition crews are set to tear down the 140 year old Chautauqua Amphitheater to make way for a new dining option for Institute guests. “We’re still going to able to have performances,” a Chautauqua Institute spokesman told us. “Once the new Chipotle has its […]