PA Legislators To Dress Up As Competent Leaders For Halloween

The annual group Halloween costume for all PA Representatives and Senators has finally been chosen. This year, after being unable to establish a budget for the state, the group will break from reality and dress up as competent leaders. “Halloween is a time to make believe and live in a world of fantasy,” one representative for the Erie area said. “And what better way to break from reality then to dress up as lawmakers who actually do what they are elected to do.” The vote passed through both the state House and Senate unanimously on Friday. This marks the first thing the collective legislature has agreed on and passed since June, when they decided to order pizza for lunch. Some are looking at this as a positive to move towards being able to work together. “This really sets a good precedent for us to work with one another again,” the lawmaker said. “I’d be very comfortable agreeing to ordering pizza again very soon.” No new talk of a budget has surfaced for weeks, but the two sides will get back to work after Trick-or Treating next week. The hope is that a sugar rush from all their candy will allow everyone to work through the night and finally make some progress.

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