PA Legislators Go Part Time Until Budget Is Settled

The noble lawmakers have taken a stand against themselves and have made a strong promise to cut back on their hours until the budget crisis is resolved. As of Thursday all elected officials will cut their normal 20 hour work week down to 10 hours to help save some money. “I want to make this clear,” one of the representatives said. “None of the Representatives or Senators will actually be taking a pay cut. We will just symbolically be working half the time. The savings will come from all of our hourly support staff.” Office staff, secretaries, and janitors will also be forced to cut their hours in half, forfeiting half their pay. It’s a last resort, according to most in Harrisburg, but the move sends a strong a message. “This is really ending a message to ourselves saying that we’ve had enough,” the representative said. “We are fed up with how inept we’ve been and we hope that by cutting hours, that will really teach us a lesson.” The plan is expected to solve the budget over the next few weeks while the legislators are expected to “think about what they did” during the extra time off.

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