It’s OK to Take The Lord’s Name in Vain While Shoveling Snow, Vatican Says

Even the Vatican is now weighing in on Erie’s epic snowfall totals over the past few days. Pope Francis has issued a statement that specifically states taking the Lord’s name in vain is perfectly acceptable, but only while trying to move the white stuff. “The authors of the Bible came from a very dry and arid climate,” he said in the release. “They never spent hours out in the cold trying to shovel that god damn stuff.” This marks a very large shift from the long-held ban on uttering the previously forbidden phrases. It’s the Vatican’s belief that in this modern world there is no realistic expectation that one would be able to contain themselves, especially with as much snow as Erie, Pennsylvania has gotten this week. When asked for additional comment about the new storm bearing down on the already buried city, the Pope simply replied, “Oh, Jesus Christ.”

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