North East’s Inflatable 5k Looks To Set Record For Sprained Ankles

North East is not only home to Winefest this weekend, but it may soon be the world record holder of sprained ankles sustained in a five hour stretch. The Inflatable 5k kicked off Saturday morning with just that goal in mind. “Our purpose here is to have fun, be we are really trying to set the record,” event coordinators said. “We designed our ‘mattress run’ obstacle with just this in mind. We figure we can get about a 30% conversion rate just on this one alone.” The course nearly set Houston last week but just fell five ankles short. The company that puts on the event was afraid that would happen which is why they chose this weekend and North East to hold the event. “We all know wine hangovers are the worst,” she said. “We’re hoping to get some people who overdid it down at Gravel Pit Park that come up here a little groggy.” As of this writing, early reports are coming in of 30 rolled ankles in the first hour along. A Guinness Book official on site said if that rate keeps up throughout the event, there’s a chance the record may be broken today.

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