News Report About Cold Temps Reminds Man To Wear Coat

One Erie man has a local television station to thank today for nearly saving his life and helped prevent a severe case of frostbite. The 42-year old man was ready to leave his house Thursday when a local news story caught his attention and reminded him of the dangers of winter weather. “I just thank God that I saw that news report when I did,” the man said. “It’s been about 9 months since any of us dealt with the cold and I was about to leave in a T-shirt and shorts. I just forgot what to do until the news reminded me.” The report in question focused on the severity of the cold and how exactly to dress to handle the frigid temps. To hammer the point home, the news story featured a live reporter out in the elements, just to show her audience first-hand what cold weather looks like in real life. “I used to depend on my mother to tell me when I needed to wear my coat,” the man went on. “I’m just thankful these local stations do stories like this when it starts getting really cold.” The man also stated that he’s also very sorry for recently cursing in the background of a live segment and understands how important local news can be.

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