New Task Force To Crack Down On Large Number Of Task Forces

With the Pennsylvania budget now well over a month overdue, the effects are starting to trickle down. Unnecessary task force spending will be the first to go and in order to do that a new task force has been established to investigate. “We have a task force for everything.” one PA legislator commented Friday afternoon as the news broke. “Search any local news site for ‘task force’. It will shut down the server. They are costing us millions for things that should be getting done anyway, which is why we started this one.” While the logic behind it may sound confusing the amount of cuts this new group could make is expected to be in the millions, statewide. There’s an estimated 56,000 task forces statewide, 7 of which have produced tangible results. “We just want the public to know that we’re doing something. We made the announcement. The results? Eh, we’ll see.” Despite the lack of optimism by the legislator, at least one force is expected to get the axe. Early reports are saying that the Clown College Loan Forgiveness Task Force may take the ultimate pie in the face.

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