New Erie Radio Station Will Play Top 40 #1 Hit On Repeat

Too much of a good thing? Not in Erie. The city’s newest radio station, debuting next week will play the current #1 song in the country on repeat 24/7. “We’ve put a lot of research in to this.” the new station owner said. “WUNO ‘The One’ will be Erie’s premier place to hear America’s hottest hit. We will be playing the most requested song on a loop, so instead of calling another station to request it, people will just come listen to us.” Radio stations following the Top 40 format have come under fire for years over being too repetitive. Though the owner of the new station remains hopeful, not everyone is on board. “How is that different from what the stations do now?” one man commented. The station will launch on September first and will only take breaks in the music to play promos that tell you how they don’t take breaks from playing music. After a month, the station will debut its morning show which will consist solely of a laugh track.


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