National Weather Service Issues ‘Jacket Advisory’ For Erie County

Due to recent conditions and the uncertainty of the storm in the Atlantic, the National Weather Service has issued a ‘Jacket Advisory’ for Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties. “Based on all atmospheric data available to us it is our conclusion that there is a chance of jacket weather arriving this weekend,” a statement from the Service said. “All residents of the three counties are advised to think about taking a jacket with them before they leave for the day.” Jacket Weather conditions are no stranger to those in the Erie area. Here are a list of tips on how to stay safe if the Advisory becomes a reality.

1. Always keep a light jacket in your car.
2. Drink a cup of warm tea.
3. Rub your hands together and blow into them.
4. Cross your arms and jump up and down at the same time.
5. Put your hands in your pockets.

“The advisory is in effect through the weekend and will expire on Monday at noon,” the statement continued. “The threat of a Jacket Warning remains and the Emergency Broadcast system will be updated accordingly.” This marks the second bout of such weather in the area over the past 2 weeks. Stay updated with The Mockerie and other sources of over reaction for more details as they develop.

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