Mysterious White Particles Fall From Erie Sky; National Guard Contacted

In a December event unlike any other, multiple confirmed reports have come in that mysterious white particles have begun falling from the sky in and around the Erie area. The event is leaving many scared and confused and say this is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. “I’ve lived in Erie all my life,” one witness said. “And this is just bizarre. I really hope that it stops soon, and for the love of God I hope it’s something that doesn’t accumulate or last for months.” Due to the bizarre nature of the unidentified debris, the National Guard has been notified and is on its way to the Pennsylvania town. Initial data has already given investigators a working theory. “We believe the particles to have some type of electromagnetic properties, as they seem to be effecting the ability of vehicles to function properly,”, a state official told us. The event has been given the working name of Situationally Nano-Observed Whites, or SNOW for short. Facebook and Twitter exploded with the news of the first SNOW fall, and based on preliminary reactions it is a completely new and undocumented phenomena. We will continue to follow this ongoing story, as it seems that people are still confused by SNOW in Erie.

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