Motorcyclist Revs Engine, Impresses Everyone

Downtown Erie is flooded with thousands of cyclists this weekend, but it’s one cycle enthusiast in particular that is turning heads. Dale Cunningham, of South Carolina revved his engine for several seconds leaving the Sandbar Drafthouse early Friday evening, earning a standing ovation from the local clientele. “I’ve seen motorcycles on the road before, but I had no idea they could make such a glorious sound.” said one local. “The Roar has been here for nine years, but usually the cyclists are so peaceful and quiet. I’m surprised we don’t hear them more often.” Since its inception Roar on the Shore has put Erie on the map as a destination for cycle enthusiasts across the country. Because of the annual bike-fest Erie is now ranked #1 on’s list of “Top Ten Places To Act Like Asshole For The Weekend.”


  1. Matt F. says

    This is a very insightful article. I also had no idea how glorious motorcycles could be until I was at a red light one day. A motorcycle was in the lane next to me, but I would have never known had he not revved his engine seven times. This created mixed emotions in me as I was simultaneously in awe of this man and his iron beast, while at the same time worried I would immediately lose my wife to him. Keep up the informative articles!

  2. Emily H. says

    If you live in Erie and don’t drive a motorcycle, then you hate roar on the shore. This article was amazing!

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