Millcreek Mall Institutes Winter “3 To A Row” Parking Rules

Parking at the Millcreek Mall this winter just got a lot easier after new parking regulations that went into effect over the weekend. The new rule allows for cars to park in rows of three, rather than two, to make it easier to find spots once lines become covered by snow. “Our customers have actually been asking us to do this for quite a long time,” Mall security said. “Once snow covers up the parking lines, drivers have the habit of just making up spots. With this new system we can get more people to park around cars that are already, probably, in a normal spot.” Winter has been a problem at the mall for years for most drivers. Some complain that large snow mounds take up too many spaces, while some complain about other drivers. One thing that most do agree on is that parking in the winter is a difficult task. “Without the lines to tell us where to park, what are we supposed to do?” one driver asked. “I just spent my tax refund on a Playstation and a pair of sneakers. I can’t be expected to make a logical, responsible decision on my own.” Drivers who still fail to find a legal spot, even with the added lee-way, will be plowed into a snow bank. They will have the choice of digging it out by hand or waiting until Spring to get it back.

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