McDonald’s Breakfast To Operate Under 2 Hour Delay Tuesday

The snow totals in Erie have delayed more than just schools Tuesday morning. The full breakfast menu will not be available at local McDonald’s until at least 8:00am within the City. Restaurants farther out in the County may close altogether. “We have to think about the safety of our customers,” the spokesman for the regional district said. “It usually takes our customers five minutes to walk from the car to the door on a nice day. On a day like today with these conditions, it’s a half hour round trip. Easy. At some point that becomes a concern.” Severe weather conditions can cause back-ups at the drive-thru, which leads to increased foot traffic in the restaurant. Last year, the spokesman said, the local franchise learned it’s lesson. “We had a day like today and we opted not to go with a delay,” he said. “We couldn’t get the parking lot cleared in time and we had people slipping all over the place from the excess water on the floor. One guy just stayed on the floor and finished his McMuffin before he even tried to get up.” The scenario was not new to the fast food chain, as most food being prepared usually ends up on the floor at one point or another anyway.

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