McBride Viaduct To Be Demolished And Rebuilt With Legos

Everything is awesome with regards to the newest proposal to repurpose the McBride Viaduct on Erie’s East Side. The latest proposal will see the structure torn down, but will save money by building a replica in its place, made entirely out of Legos. “This is really the only way to keep everyone happy,” a City Hall spokesman said. “We still get to tear something down. That’s a big plus for us. Also, we throw the East Side a bone so no one can say we don’t give them anything.” It will still cost 2.3 million to demolish the 70 year old structure. To save the structure would have cost an additional few hundred thousand dollars. The life size Lego replica will only cost $50,000, a fee the city is more than willing to accept. “The Legos themselves are only a portion of the cost,” the spokesman said. “Legos are cheap. Most of the expense comes in the superglue to lock each piece together. We couldn’t just snap them together and have people walking over it. We’re not idiots.” Next on the docket for new construction will be to discuss plans to build the new Liberty Park Amphitheater out of Lincoln Logs or an Erector Set.


  1. Brent says

    “Legos are Cheap”. Any parent or Nerd such as myself would argue otherwise. Now if they were talking MegaBlocks that would be a different story.

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