Man Walks In To Blasco Library, Interrupts Staff Card Game

Blasco Memorial Library staff was annoyed on Monday afternoon as a member of the general public attempted to check out a book, rudely interrupting their daily game of gin rummy. “We were fairly close to calling the police,” one of the librarians said. “We haven’t had someone try to check out a book in years. I thought it was one of those hidden camera shows.” The main branch of the Erie County Library has served mainly as a public bathroom and internet access point for placing Craigslist ads over the past few years, as book check outs have hit rock bottom. Libraries have tried to keep up with technology, but with an aging staff it’s been a struggle. “We want the kids to know that they can take a break from crushing candies and come download a book. Sure, they can get all the same information from the internets at home, but we have to justify being here somehow.” The library has recently launched a new marketing campaign labeling itself as “Erie’s Largest Selection of Outdated Reading Material”, but results have fallen short.


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