Man Vacations With Family On Presque Isle, Disappoints All


In a feeble attempt to do something with his family this summer, Crawford County husband and father of two, Jeremy Banks packed up the car and followed up on his promise of a beach vacation; 30 minutes away at Presque Isle. “We thought it was a joke at first.” his 13 year old son said of the adventure. “He’s been promising to take us to the beach for years, but then he started driving North.” As the two children stared at their phones, Jerry defended his choice. “It’s a gorgeous 60 degree July day. The sun might not be out, but the ocean is like 8 hours away.” Jerry’s wife Audrey sat silent in her beach chair, for the majority of the afternoon reflecting on her life choices. The trip concluded with a visit to Applebee’s, forcing his family to split two entrees.

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