Man Takes GoErie Survey, Surprised To Find Actual Article

Erie’s favorite marketing research site,, has added a new dimension of content to its site; real, honest-to-goodness news. One local man was actually able to find one of the fabled articles Tuesday morning. “I usually go to the site specifically to take surveys. I usually start my morning out by making sure the site knows who my cell carrier is and things like that. Then I move on with my day. I was shocked when I found an article at the end.” The question that now needs to be answered is how many of these pesky articles are going to get in the way of the reader’s survey fix. Site moderators have assured us that surveys will not be reduced on the page. In fact, later in the year it’s expected the obituaries section will be completely replaced by questionnaires about the deceased.


  1. Ryan LeCocque says

    lol this is so true!!! shoddy goerie and shoddy erie times! i’m embarrassed to have once delivered newspapers for the erie times; they didn’t even have the teeth to collect on past due customers!

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