Man Arrested For Sneaking Food Into Tinseltown

The streets of Erie are a little safer today after a man, who has long been suspected of smuggling snacks into Tinseltown, was finally brought to justice. The man was found out after the smell of Mexican food filled the air shortly after the previews began. “We take contraband snacks very seriously,” said the 17 year old usher who discovered the banned burritos. “I shined my flashlight on him and boy was his face red. I think mainly because he was eating a spicy tamale, but I think he was a little embarrassed too.” Once the man was confronted, police immediately swooped in to make the arrest. It’s the first arrest at the theater for sneaking in food, but the beginning of a new zero tolerance policy. “Most of the time people try to sneak in normal movie food and it’s hard to prove,” the usher said. “But its reached a critical point. We now have a special task force at the theater with flashlights and tasers to detain suspects.” Loss prevention is unsure just how much money is lost due to people sneaking in food, but suspect a large amount. That estimate could, however, be upgraded to an extra-large amount for just 25 cents more.


  1. Mary says

    Popcorn is not that expensive, if you lowered prices to make it more affordable for families. This would stop this.

  2. Jeff says

    Then lower your freaking prices and this won’t happen. $5 for a fountain drink the same size you get a Mcd’s for $2 pisses me off not to mention the price gouging you do on candy and popcorn is ridiculous I mean it bad we hi to pay almost $20 a ticket witch we are willing to pay but get real. I will always bring my own m&m’s and milk duds so :-p

  3. Janet says

    its ashamed how expensive food at Tinseltown is. Reduce the prices and the young 17 year old wannabe police officer will be out of a job.

  4. Movie goer says

    Maybe if they didn’t charge $4.00 for snacks you can buy at Walmart for .98 cents people wouldn’t be sneaking snacks in the theatre.

  5. says

    Wow really ridiculous .you already have ridiculously high movie prices.your food is outrageously over priced .Come down on your prices and people could afford to take the family out .But to take a family of four to the movies with food is over $75 .I’ll stick with my microwave popcorn and redox or Netflix and go out to a nice dinner.wake up ..

  6. Marie Merritt says

    So fkn stupid, like are you really serious? You arrested someone for bring their own food in,fk outa here. Whats next? Rediculace

  7. Sharon DiMasi says

    Maybe if you didn’t charge $5 for a quarter’s worth of popcorn, people wouldn’t be compelled to sneak food in!

  8. Les says

    Perhaps if the cost of popcorn and a bottle of water weren’t so ridiculously overpriced, you wouldn’t have this problem…..

  9. Tammy says

    If Tinseltown didn’t charge so much for their food people would not sneak food in , good grief by the time you pay for the movie tickets, also over priced, you can spend $50 on a movie popcorn and drinks, thats just crazy, arresting a man for sneaking in food is nuts, there are more important things to worry about!

  10. says

    Well the ridiculous part of the whe story are Tinseltown prices. If it didn’t cost between 40&50.00 for two people to go to the movies then food wouldn’t get brought in. Because if you go to say an 8pm show you almost 9.00 per person for ticket….then say you each get a medium popcorn and medium have now spent at least 40.00. So seriously, tasers…and arresting people… How but bring down prices or we don’t service you’re places of business. Then when business dies and you have to let workers go maybe something will change.

  11. says

    Well maybe people wouldn’t bring in any food or drinks if these places didn’t charge an arm and a leg for everything. Every family doesn’t have money for the tickets and double the price for snacks. They should make their food & snack prices more reasonable!

  12. Mad girl says

    So people don’t try sneaking in food just lower your prices. People would buy more of it and you would earn more money. But that is weird. Why would you arrest a guy for sneaking in a little piece of food. I understand if you kick him out but arresting him. That is just foolish

  13. Deborah says

    It’s been a very very long time since I’ve even stepped into a movie theater because of that very reason…the food is outrageously priced it’s pathetic…why not eat at home and rent a movie!

  14. Hank says

    I have been aware of the Police presence at Tinseltown for months. I found a few illegals close by at Lowes who for a couple of bucks were willing to smuggle in some “outside food”. My two “mules” have been very successful getting the contraband past the Millcreek Police…..

    Should they be captured or taken hostage, I would deny any knowledge of their existence…

  15. Joshua brown says

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Maybe if they didn’t charge like $9 for a $1 item then people would do this, everyone sneaks in food, they always will. But I promise you this, your “task force” tries tasering me or anyone I know, I’ll knock them the fuck out, period.

  16. Tammy says

    With stupid crap like this movie theathers wont be around much longer 10.00 for a movie per person and another 15.00 for a drink and popcorn how is a family suppose to be able to afford that! We go once or twice a year ONLY becuase we get giftcards every year for Christmas if it wasnt for that I would NOT stop foot in a damn theather. To arrest someone is beyond foolish what a joke your place is!

  17. Puzzaguy says

    WHY ARE WE WASTING MONEY ON THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we should, idk put in metal detectors or make a small charge for outside food. Police arrested, good use of tax payers money.

    What a Fing joke.

  18. sheniqua mex says

    This is funny. I mean what’s going to be on this guys record. Tinseltown everyone sneaks food in. With $13.00 movies we should be getting an all u can eat buffet. Jeesh. No we want your family of 5 to pay $200 for a night out. My opinion fuck off Tinseltown.

  19. cheryl says

    Wow.I hope everyone stops going to tinsletownI agree with everyone.prices are crazy.sell more at lower prices.being arrested? Get a grip.they will never stop this.give up.

  20. beth says

    umm,. people you do know this is a FAKE news thing right? im also pretty sure the only place you can a tamale is Latinos.

  21. MJ says

    This is an outrage! While reading these comments I realized how many people cannot spell. They are the real criminals.

  22. Brandy says

    Guys remember this is FAKE NEWS hence the name MOCKerie #1 FAKE NEWS of Erie site! It is just too be funny. chill guys.

  23. Lew says

    After further investigation into the matter, it was discovered that food was actually purchased at the Tinseltown concessions. The smells apparently we’re the result of consumed chili the night before that had gone bad. Tinseltown ‘ s Executive VP of Public Relations (Mario Luigi) and Fraud Czar (Bernie Madoff) have issued the following statement, “We have been overcharging people for years and as of this weekend it comes to a stop. All ticket and food purchases will reflect 1950’s prices.” Enjoy Erie!

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