Loose Immigration Policy Blamed For This Winter’s El Nino

Coming off Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Republicans are going on offense. They’re citing the current administration’s loose stance on immigration as the reason for the havoc this year’s El Nino is expected to create. “It’s clear that Obama’s policies have led to more immigrants in this country,” one Erie County Republican spokesperson said. “El Nino? Affecting weather on American soil? Who knows what else this Mr. Nino has been up to during his time here.” The criticism comes on the tail of a report that El Nino could bring slightly higher temperatures and more snow to our area over the coming months. With no help coming from Washington and lack of a state budget, opponents of the weather phenomenon are looking to the local Border Patrol for help. “We’re going to be stretched thin if these reports are true,” a Border Patrol officer tells us. “If the lake doesn’t freeze for the winter, the constant threat from Canada remains. If this El Nino call pull that off, may God help us all.” Currently, El Nino’s last known whereabouts were somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Regardless off the actual effect of the weather phenomenon, forecasters expect it to be blamed for nearly everything for the rest of the season.

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