Local Bikers Banned From Roar On The Shore

Organizers of Erie’s Roar On The Shore bike rally made the announcement Thursday that local bikers will not be permitted to attend this year’s rally due to the record number of out of town riders expected to attend. Organizers say the rally is growing so fast they are struggling to adapt and find room for everyone. “Local bikers get to ride down State Street any time they want, really,” one of the organizers said. “This is chance to showcase our region to outsiders and allow them to rev their engines at red lights.” This announcement comes on the heels of Wednesday’s news that local food trucks will also not be able to participate in and make money at the event. “We are actually working on instituting marshal law that weekend and simply just confining citizens to their homes,” Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott said. The mayor, of course, will be the lone exception. “I only get to wear my denim vest once a year. If it just sits in my closet it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.” Organizers say that if locals would like to participate in the event they may come downtown after 9 on the Sunday of the event and help pick up beer cans.

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