Local Bell Ringers Complete Seasonal Training On How To Make You Feel Guilty

Local volunteers are already kicking off the holiday season by getting out, ringing bells, and collecting donations for charity. This year is expected to raise even more money after all collectors were required to pass a training to master guilt tactics for passersby. “We did some research early in 2015 and realized most people donate out of guilt and we figured out a way to capitalize on that,” one of the course instructors said. “Our volunteers are instructed to maintain eye contact with as many people as possible, until they walk in to the store. We’ve also created a schedule that will have a child ask for money with each collector during peak shopping hours.” November and December is when the majority of giving is done across the country and several charities think this tactic is the way to maximize those donations. “We have one of our more aggressive moves that we’ll only break out if giving is down for the year.” The instructor was hesitant to reveal that maneuver, but finally gave in. “We’re going to blow an air horn at everyone that walks by and isn’t putting anything in the bucket.” The program was developed by a mother who field tested the curriculum trying to get her son to do chores around the house.

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