Lake Erie Duck Season Begins Monday; Rabbit Season, Others Argue

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Duck Season along Lake Erie begins today, however mysterious signs have begun appearing stating otherwise. Presque Isle has been littered with posters declaring that Rabbit Season actually starts on Monday with the purpose of confusing hunters. “We’ve launched an investigation into the issue,” a PA Game Commissioner said. “We don’t have the funds to go very deep into finding out much, but after reviewing some archived footage our prime suspect is an animated duck with a significant lisp.” The posters went up a few days ago, however Commissioners have not been able to remove them due to a lack of manpower. One hunter we caught up was very confused by the whole situation. “I don’t know what’s going on anymore,” Mr. Fudd said. “All I know is I’m either having duck soup or wabbit stew tonight.” One of our reporters dug further into the matter and attempted to take down one of the posters, which only revealed several more signs alternating between declaring duck and rabbit seasons. The final poster, and more research, revealed that Monday actually starts something called Elmer Season, but the Game Commission say they are unfamiliar with what that refers to.

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