Investigators Probe Overuse Of The Word ‘Probe’ By Erie Times News

Despite a lack of stories revolving around alien abductions, the Erie Times News is under investigation by One Million Moms for overusing the term ‘probe’ in their headlines. The group is alleging that the newspaper is continually using the term as an allusion to “that other kind of probing” when more suitable synonyms exist. “My child reads the paper every single day,” one of the mothers told us. “My son wants to be a reporter. He keeps walking around saying he’s going to probe things all day. They seriously can’t find another word to use?” The legitimacy of the complaint came after a lawyer for the group ran one of the “Which Words Do You Use Most On Facebook” quizzes for the GoErie page. Probe landed front and center, followed closely by ‘accident’ and ‘layoffs’. Critics say the staff has been using the term on a dare to see how long they could work it in to stories without anyone noticing. When questioned over the phone, newspaper staff we were able to get ahold of simply began to giggle and then hung up. Officially there has been no comment from the Times, however tomorrow’s story about the Brig Niagara’s poop deck has been suspended indefinitely.

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