High Fashion Takes Center Stage At Crawford County Fair

The eyes of the fashion world shifted from Paris to Crawford County on Thursday as the Fair’s attendees donned the hottest trends from the runway. “This year it’s all about tucked in American Flag shirts and cargo shorts,” one designer told our staff. “The bold ones looking to make a statement accent Old Glory with a pair of boots and shin high white socks. This is truly becoming the fashion event of the year for a lot of us within the industry.” Along with the previous outfit, this year’s list of “Do’s” rounded out with cowboy hats, skull print t-shirts, and men’s short shorts. The “Don’t” list included polo shirts, khakis, or anything acceptable to wear to work. “I’ve been getting so many dirty looks,” one man told us. “I just came right from the office and didn’t really think. I had no idea it had gotten so highbrow here.” The response has been so positive that next year fair organizers say they plan to distribute potato sacks to anyone wearing a collared shirt.


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